Addiction Additions.

Apparently, alcohol has company.

I was given the suggestion of having “lollies” around. I assume the idea was to grab one when a craving hit, which was more often than not, even compared to when I was drinking.

I have ate more candy and ice cream in the last month than I care to admit. I have gained weight not because the scale tells me so, but my jeans, yes even the stretchy skinny jeans, are getting quite snug to the point that I’d rather just stay inside and at home, so I can wear comfy trendy yoga pants.

And with Halloween so close, the mountain of available bootie is comparable to Everest. If I keep this up, the only climbing I’ll be able to do is likely from the car to the clinic door so for sugar detox.

I also find myself drinking pop (we call soda “pop” up here in the Great White North), like it’s suppose to be a treat. I don’t even drink soda, usually, though I have admittedly purchased a frozen Vernor’s at 7-11 maybe two times since I discovered it.

STOP! I hear my body’s mind exclaiming, loud and clear. DAMN.

I am consciously aware that I am filling one addiction’s need with other addictive substances.


Breathe. Center. Ground.








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