Virtual Meetings: Recovery Groups in Second Life

After a long weekend on the road and fighting traffic at times, once I got home I wasn’t in the mood to get out and about to meetings.

So, I looked for virtual meetings in Second Life (a virtual 3D world – see What is Second Life)! I found several groups, but no meetings times or places were mentioned. For the time, I let the idea go until this morning.

In search of anyone who might know more than myself, I went back ‘in’ and with a few tries, luckily, I found a group that was willing to do an emergency meeting. Eight of us were able to have a last minute in-world meeting.

What was cool was that all of us were literally from around the world:  Sweden, Australia, the UK, Europe (undisclosed location), and several from the US.  I didn’t know A.A. was around the world. How lucky we found each other today!

It fits in with my wizardly studies of Lifeways (Rose Wizard), in a way. It is crossing cultural borders in a very large and real way, and finding common ground: our addiction(s).

I met a woman who I believe is a fellow non-Xtian, because she expressed very clearly that she has a problem with the some of the seemingly Christian theme of A.A. So maybe there is room to find or create a space for people who prefer options in the 12-step process.

In time, I think I may be able to help in that area. For now, it is wonderful to just find others who are meeting.

Second Life (“SL”) is a great choice for many people. Disabled, homebound, elderly, the deaf, and many others, including hermits like myself, can benefit from the social possibilities there.

I look forward to our next in-world meeting on Friday.